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Updated July 16, 2023



shea_2 IMG_2341

Sheamus (Shea)

Sheamus is a very handsome 7 years young male Eskie.  He has the most sweet and loving nature with both people and polite nice dogs he meets.  Shea fell on hard times when his mom lost her home and her job.  He had to spend a long time living in a crate in a garage, but his wonderful nature allowed him to recover quickly when he went to his foster home.  Shea has been fully vetted, neutered and vaccinated.  His bloodwork shows him to be in great health.  He does have some minor arthritis from his prolonged time in a crate, but it does not bother him at all now that he is on supplements.

Shea Likes: To be with his family and help them with everything. Walks to explore. Playing fetch with his toys. Snuggling with his person in bed or on the sofa. Tummy rubs. Lots of pets. Brushing. Shea wouldn’t say he loves baths, but he is very tolerant for baths and grooming. Friendly dogs.  Shea has very good manners when he meets another dog. Respectful people who allow him to approach them first. Breakfast, dinner and treats for being a good boy. Ice cubes. His toys. A soft bed to relax in. To be your best friend. Playing with dog friends. 

Shea Dislikes: The vet.  He had never been to one and found the vet to be way to intrusive for his tastes.  For everyone’s safety he has been trained to wear a muzzle at the vet. Stranger danger outside his house.  You never know when it might be an alien invasion.  He will bark to let you know, but he does respond to his “quiet” command followed by a treat. Geese in his yard. Nail clipping, although his foster mom is working with him to tolerate it. Rude mean dogs. To be grabbed by the collar unexpectedly. Having his ears cleaned. 

Shea Knows: Come Down Sit Quiet Potty outside Walk nice on a leash

Shea does not know: If he would like young children. If he would like cats.



casper1 casper2


Hello humans from Casper of Ohio American Eskimo Rescue.
This poor pooch was living all alone in a trailer for 8 months after his owner died. We won’t go into all the details but thank God for a few human angels that worked their magic on getting the family to release him to us.
He was in rough shape physically and mentally after all that time while his owner was sick, and then died. He had a dental, all of his shots, and neutered. He gave his foster Mom a hard time at first, but now he is doing great.
He sits by his foster Mom while she is sitting in a chair or on the couch. He follows her around the house and yard as well. He likes to sit, beg, and give paw.
He doesn’t really play with the other Eskies, but he does tolerate them. He does not really like very big dogs. He is good with small ones. He would probably do well with cats, he has no prey or play drive.
This happy go lucky senior is up for adoption with Ohio American Eskimo Rescue. He’ll be 12 this year. Please email us at ohioeskierescue@outlook.com for an application. He is fostered near Cincinnati, OH.



kasper1 kasper2 kasper3

Kasper is a Samoyed/Eskie mix and about 12 years old. “Big Guy” as he is affectional called, is great.

He loves to take his head and rub it into his foster Mom’s stomach or legs. He drives her crazy because he goes outside, walks back to the door comes in, stands at the door to go back out, she lets him out, he wants back in. It happens several times a day. So he’s housetrained for sure.

Kasper loves to stroll around the yard, enjoys sleeping on a huge dog bed, or lays in the foyer by the front door. You have to be careful if you place anything on the coffee table, he likes to drink out of your glass if it’s something cold. He ignores coffee.

Because Kasper is a Samoyed and Eskie mix, he weighs about 62 lbs. The foster Mom helped him lose 6 lbs already on a veggie and special food diet.  Kasper is on a urinary dog food to prevent any bladder stone issues and he is doing really well. The blood work shows us this health big boy has plenty of years to live.

He does not like other dogs in his face and will snap at them (younger and high energy dogs). We are working on that issue and is learning quickly that it is not acceptable.
Kasper is up for adoption with Ohio American Eskimo Rescue near Cincinnati. Please email us at ohioeskierescue@outlook.com for an application.



kibo1 kibo2

KIBOKibo was born in March 2021 on an Amish puppy mill farm and adopted by a loving family but they did not understand or know the breed and the temperament of Eskie puppies. Kibo is a barker and a chewer, typical of Eskie puppy behavior. Kibo was not socialized with other people but is getting better at accepting strangers touching him.

Kibo was not socialized with other dogs, but has overcome that issue while living with lots of other Eskies. He does prefer his own breed over that of other dogs.  

Kibo is house and crate trained, fixed and fully vetted. He walks fairly well on a leash. He needs another dog to play with. Kibo will be an adorable mini Eskie when fully grown.

He is fostered near Cincinnati, Ohio. We will not ship him or have him adopted cross country. We have adopted in the past to folks on the east coast. Just email us first and we will tell you if you qualify to adopt him. He would do better with someone that knows the breed and their temperament. Please read our requirements for adopting.

We are taking applications. Please email us at OhioEskieRescue@outlook.com.



maya1 maya2


She’s 10 years old and was born blind.  She gets around fairly good for being blind. Her foster Mom claps and she goes towards her voice and the clapping noise.

Maya will bark when she wants to go out, come in, and when it is dinnertime.

She’s getting a dental on February 21st. Her teeth are typical Eskie teeth, so she’ll lose a few.

Maya is  house trained, and “jump on the couch trained” to love on her human.

She loves a car ride, is fairly good on a leash. She is happy to sleep on a dog bed throughout the night.

(She was left behind in a home by the owner, but the family of the owner contacted several rescues to take her.)

Fostered near Cincinnati, OH



lily1 lily2

LILY – Joined O.A.E.R. on Sunday, September 12, 2021. She is about 3 years old. Lily was an owner surrender with Micah. Lily was not socialized with other dogs so she is learning about that in her foster home. She needs time to warm up to you than she’ll join you in bed or on the couch.

Lily is fairly good off leash and comes when called.   Her foster home has a fenced yard for her to get accustomed to the new people.

She is fostered near Cincinnati, Ohio. We will not ship her or have her adopted cross country. We have adopted in the past to folks on the east coast. Just email us first and we will tell you if you qualify to adopt her. She would do better with someone that knows the breed and their temperament. Please read our requirements for adopting.

We are taking applications. Please email us at OhioEskieRescue@outlook.com.



lexi-2 lexi1 lexi3

LEXILexi is a female mini born October 24, 2015. Lexi came to O.A.E.R. from a horrible backyard breeder. She was extremely feral. We could not touch her and she was not learning to be house trained. She lived in an open barn and just pumped out puppies for profits. That has all changed now. Lexi likes to sleep in bed with her foster family, likes to beg for a treat, and seems to tolerate being picked up and carried around. She likes to bark at her foster Mom for treats and attention.

Lexi likes other dogs, but is not that playful. She lives in a foster home where her son and daughter live as well. They were foster failures and now have a wonderful home! Lexi keeps the offspring in line when they misbehave.

To be considered to adopt our sweet Lexi, it is mandatory that you have a fenced yard. You cannot live longer than 5 hours away due to her being a flight risk. She’ll have to get to know you and trust you first before being on a leash or allowed in an open area.

Lexi is fostered near Cincinnati, OH. We are taking applications. Please email us at OhioEskieRescue@outlook.com.



naga-3 naga-2

NAGA.  Meet our NAGA! She was born on January 20,2021. She is all puppy. She plays, she chews, she digs, and she barks a lot!! She will jump up on you to be held, and your reward will be lots of kisses. She was bought at a pet store which means she was taken away from her mother way to young. So she has mommy issues, like separation anxiety and not knowing when to stop at certain things.

Naga is working on her housetraining, and is almost completely done.  She is all legs, and will probably be a standard female Eskie. She shows signs of being an alpha which is no surprise for a standard female Eskie. She is OK on a leash, but we would like to see her in a fenced yard to burn off all that energy. We are requiring she have a dog that is young and her size so they can play all day, and become her buddy. She’ll CHASE cats!  She is fixed, chipped, has all her shots, heartworm tested.  We are taking applications. Please email us at OhioEskieRescue@outlook.com.




chipper1092119 chipper2092119 chipper3092119 chipper4092119 chipper5092119 CHIPPER is a 12 year old male standard. He is learning how to be social with other dogs. He was owned by an elderly person that had health issues, so Chipper did not interact much with other dogs. He is learning to get along with other dogs but fancies the ladies. He is neutered. He likes to bark.  He likes to do things when he wants too!  He loves to be outside in the yard, go for car rides and look out the window or hang his head out the window.  He will follow you around the house and sleep on the floor next to your bed. He is in great health and acts more like a 5 year old dog.

We are taking applications. Please email us at ohioeskierescue@outlook.com.









izzy-1 izzy-3

IZZY is 9 years old. He likes other dogs, kids, and cats. He loves to sleep with you. He will actually warm up the bed for you by doing the Eskie dance to make sure the blankets and sheets are all nice and fluffy for you. He loves to throw the pillows off the couch and onto the floor. He is one fun loving Eskie. He is about 15 pounds. He has separation anxiety and will bark when you leave the house. So no apartment life for him. He loves to run, so a fenced yard is required. He enjoys barking at the squirrels and birds in the trees. He is a nature lover.

We are taking applications. Please email us at ohioeskierescue@outlook.com.






snowball1 snowball2

SNOWBALL is 6-1/2 years old and a standard female Eskie. We saved her back in December 2019 from an Ohio shelter.

Snowball is physically strong and is an active young girl. She does pull on a leash, so her foster family is working with her on that. Snowball does do some simple commands. She is good with cats. Snowball needs a slow introduction to other dogs if they have the same energy. She seems to want to be the queen of her home.  Snowball is fully vetted, micro-chipped and spayed. She is on a weight loss program at her foster home.

Snowball is fostered near Cleveland, Ohio. Please email us at ohioeskierescue@outlook.com.





klondike-1 klondike-2 klondike-3 klondike-5


Meet our Klondike.

This neutered male Eskie was born October 2019. He is full of energy. He enjoys jumping up on you for lots of love and attention. He is fairly good on a leash, but really enjoys a fenced yard to run. Klondike wants to be the alpha of the house and does well playing with other dogs. Klondike will not go in a crate, and does not like a crate. He sleeps in a cool place like a laundry room. He is being fostered in Cincinnati, OH so you’ll have to come to Ohio with the family, both 2 and 4 legged members for an introduction. We have no idea if he likes cats. He will probably want to play with them. He can be rough with the dogs, so we are not sure. We are taking applications. Please email us at OhioEskieRescue@outlook.com





inga1 inga2 inga4 inga3 inga5

Inga is 12 years old. We took her from an Ohio shelter and Inga had to have a few surgeries. Inga had tumors on her mammary glands (all benign) because she was not spayed and was used for breeding. She had to have a dental to remove some teeth, especially the infected ones.
Inga was pretty neglected and hairless. Her coat has come back in beautifully, it is white and thick.
Well, nothing keeps Inga from doing what she really wants to do….tearing up dog toys…and sharing the couch with a human. These are her two favorite activities besides nice walks with her human. She is a real LOVE BUG! Fostered near Dayton, OH
Please email us at OhioEskieRescue@outlook.com.











Our little senior Lilibet is one spunky 14 year old Pom mix. She came to the rescue when we went to pick up another dog from the shelter, we saw that face, and we couldn’t leave her behind. Her owner died and the family took all 10 dogs to the shelter.
Lilibet is pee pad trained, and likes to go outside in the summer, but hides in an open-door crate under a blanket in the winter.
She won’t turn down any treat…she still has 4 teeth on her bottom right side after her dental and uses them.
She is not a lap dog at all! She is very independent. No leashes for her, she needs a secured fenced yard for her summer strolls.
This precious 14 year old is up for adoption.

Please email us at ohioeskierescue@outlook.com for an application and require




Prince II

princeii2 prnceii6 prinveii1 princeii5 princeii4 princeii3

Prince II

Meet Mr. Personality, Prince II. He is a 20lb white Pom, with the cutest face. He has one blue, and one brown eye. We started him on meds for allergies.
We received a text from a warden here in Ohio asking if we could take this cutie from the shelter. Well, we went and took him and 2 other senior dogs that day. Lilibet and Dante.
Prince II is a 4 year old SPUNKY Pom. He runs and wrestles with all the Eskies in the house. He doesn’t care if they are bigger or faster…he doesn’t like to back down at an opportunity to play or chase them.
We cannot place him with kids. He does not like his fanny being touched. Grooming can be difficult, no shaved look for him. He has a gorgeous double coat that needs to be seen.
Fostered near Cincinnati, OH




dante1 dante2 dante3 dante4 dante5

When we went to the shelter to pick up Prince II we saw DANTE, Lilibet and Prince, and we took all three dogs. The owner died and the family dumped 10 dogs, sadly there were too many for us to take.
DANTE is about 9 to 10 years old, a mix of Yorkie and Pomeranian. The owner that passed away purchased him and the others from backyard or farm breeders, so they mixed different breeds.
DANTE is a yorkie for sure, and that little guy has some attitude. He’s ok with other dogs, but doesn’t really play with them. He loves his human. We can see him being a lap dog especially during dinner time.
Dante likes to be carried around and will reward you with lots of kisses on your nose and checks. He enjoys car rides!
Fostered near Cicinnati, OH

Please email us at OhioEskieRescue@outlook.com







wesle5 wesley1 wesley2 wesley3 wesley4

Meet our Wesley,

This 15lb, fixed, 2 year old, male Eskie has a lot of attitude and energy to give to someone.

Wesley can be head strong and a stinker, but likes when you carry him around. He will pay you back with thank you kisses. He will sleep with you, but is not a fan of going on errands with you. He shakes when he is in the car.
Wesley likes other dogs, is learning to play, and will communicate with them and you by barking till you or them give him attention. We will not put him with young children, and only older children that know how to respect and care for a dog. We do not know if he likes cats.
He is fixed and fully vetted, is house and crate trained.

We are taking applications. Please email us at OhioEskieRescue@outlook.com




winston1 winston2 winston3 winston4

This is Winston….the newest owner surrender.
Winston is one happy go lucky Eskie and FULL of energy. He was heart worm positive and received treatment. We watch Winston’s activity and time outside playing with the other Eskies. Winston is a truly beautiful soul inside and out. He is fostered near Cincinnati. You have to meet our requirements and adoption process.
Please email us at OhioEskieRescue@outlook.com.


Prince III – in hospice

princeiii2 princeiii3 princeiii4 prinveiii4

Prince III

Meet our hospice senior, Prince III. We took him from a humane society in Indiana back in December of 2022.
Prince III has a cancerous tumor in his left anal sac, and has kidney disease. His owner died and the family took him to a local shelter. The shelter contacted the humane society who reached out to Eskie rescue, and we were the only ones willing to take him. We have a real soft spot for the seniors.
He is doing fairly well on medication for the kidney disease. He needed to put on a few pounds so he really enjoys homemade dog food and soft treats. He needs a dental, but he cannot have anesthesia due to his health.
So our 16 year old will live in caring comfort with his foster mom and family.



Application to adopt: please email us at ohioeskierescue@outlook.com or visit the Adoption Application page on our website to download a copy. You can send completed applications as an email attachment back to ohioeskierescue@outlook.com, or you can mail it the good old fashioned way, on paper in an envelope sent to our address.

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Applicants wanting to adopt one of our dogs will have to come to Ohio.  We do not transport or fly dogs to any location.  We want to meet the new family and see the interaction between the dog and human(s). If you have a dog it is required that the dog(s) come with the family so we can see the interaction between the dogs.

You will have to fill out an application to adopt one of our dogs. We require a vet reference and home visit.

We will not adopt out to owners that have an invisible fence. Invisible fencing does not protect the dog from outsiders, animals and other harm.

If you do not practice proper care of your past or current dogs you will be denied.  All dogs need an annual wellness exam with the Vet. State law requires all dogs be vaccinated for rabies and have a valid tag.

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