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Updated November 11, 2019



chipper1092119 chipper2092119 chipper3092119 chipper4092119 chipper5092119 CHIPPER is learning how to be social with other dogs. He was owned by an elderly person that had health issues, so Chipper did not interact much with other dogs. He is learning to get along with other dogs, but fancies the ladies. He is neutered. He likes to bark.  He likes to do things when he wants too!  He loves to be outside in the yard, go for car rides and look out the window or hang his head out the window.  He will follow you around the house and sleep on the floor next to your bed. He is in great health and acts more like a 5 year old dog, not a 10 year old dog.

We are taking applications. Please email us at ohioeskierescue@outlook.com.








nanook4092119nanook5092119 nanook3092119 nanook2092119

NANOOK is 6 years young. He is a mini male Eskie. He has some sight issues, but it does not stop him for jumping up on the back of the couch to oversea the house and the other dogs. He should probably be in a ranch style house so he does not have to do a lot of stairs. He is super sweet and affection with his human.

We are taking applications. Please email us at ohioeskierescue@outlook.com.








BEBE has to have the best developed vocal chords of any Eskie I have met, and i have met many! ROFL She is house and crate trained. She gets along with all size dogs, ages, and sexes. She does prefer to run with bigger dogs. She is 5 yrs old, about 23 lbs, spayed, all shots, and had a dental. If she is not running with the other dogs, she is laying on the couch with her head in your lap. She loves to sleep by your feet in bed. She is a food guarder, so she does eat in her crate. We are working on that issue.

We are taking applications on her, so please email us at ohioeskierescue@outlook.com. She is being fostered near Cincinnati, OH.








GRACE is a small 13lb, female Eskie. She is a survivor of the mills of Ohio. She is very shy and must have been attacked by another dog at the mill. She is warming up to the males in the house, but she will not do well with an obnoxious dog. She would be fine with a mellow dog. Grace has to see you most of the time and be with you. She has severe separation anxiety, so no apartment life for her. She does not know how to go up/down steps, but she is learning. She has to sleep in bed with you, right near your body. She is doing really well learning about house training. She has learned to bark for dinner time. She is fostered near Cincinnati, OH Not sure about cats, would probably ignore them. I would not put her with kids because they would not understand her or give her the proper attention. She is good with meeting new people, but skittish. . We prefer an adopter who knows mill dogs. She needs a fenced yard to run. She loves her freedom.

We are taking applications for her adoption.  Please email us at ohioeskierescue@outlook.com.



iceman0 iceman2

Our 12 yr old ICEMAN was an owner surrender. The family was going to put him down because he was nipping at the kids. He has been in his foster home, and not one problem has occurred. He at first wanted to be the alpha of the house, but found out that the foster Mom is the alpha and he as been a good boy. He does have to sleep in your room on the floor otherwise he will cry for you. He becomes attached to his human quickly. He loves walks and car rides. He is good with other dogs, not sure about cats. . He is fully vetted, neutered, house trained, around 12 yrs old. Fostered in the Lebanon, OH area.

We are taking applications. Please email us at ohioeskierescue@outlook.com.





izzy-1 izzy-3

IZZY is about 5 to 6 yrs old. He likes other dogs, kids, and cats. He loves to sleep with you. He will actually warm up the bed for you by doing the Eskie dance to make sure the blankets and sheets are all nice and fluffy for you. He loves to throw the pillows off the couch and onto the floor. He is one fun loving Eskie. He is about 19lbs. He has separation anxiety and will bark when you leave the house. So no apartment life for him. He loves to run, so a fenced yard is required. He enjoys barking at the squirrels and birds in the trees. He is a nature lover.

We are taking applications. Please email us at ohioeskierescue@outlook.com.







Are you my mommy? Wanted: A very special family for a very special girl. Meet RILEY… our little Ry Ry is not for the typical pet parent, her new family will have to be extra special. Riley has lived her entire life ( 7 long years ) in a small cage being repeatedly used for the profit of an Amish puppy mill. She has never known the kindness of people. She doesn’t know how nice a lap can be, she never had a name, never slept in a warm bed, never ate a quality food, never experienced a belly rub, sadly never knew anything but neglect, pain and sadness. Those days are behind her. She is safe and loved. She is still afraid of humans, doesn’t enjoy belly rubs or lap time, is very slow to trust and is learning how to live in a home. Riley deserves her own forever family, She has had enough pain and neglect and sadness in her life. Riley will need time to adjust to her new family, but she will adjust. She likes to be with her humans, just on her schedule. She loves dog beds and will take treats from her humans hands. Riley needs a special family, without children. A family that understands what she has been through and is willing to never give up on her. She deserves that, don’t you think? If you think you have what it takes to make this girls dreams come true and treat her like the beautiful soul that she is, please send an email to ohioeskierescue@outlook.com for an application. If you are kind, patient, and loving, Riley would love to meet you. If you are looking for a perfect dog, keep scrolling. ( although her foster mommies think she IS perfect ). We should also note that Riley is a 10 lb yorkie that loves all dogs and could not care less about cats or lizards! She would do best with another dog or dogs to help her continue to learn about life outside of a cage!!

We are taking applications. Please email us at ohioeskierescue@outlook.com.





ZEKE came to the rescue back in September 2016 from an abuse case in Tennessee. He had some health issues to battle but he had no problem overcoming them and healing completely. He was then adopted in January 2017 to a family with younger kids. We thought it was a good match but we discovered that Zeke needs a stronger owner to keep him in line. He needs to be in a home with a schedule, that includes his walking and exercise time. Zeke loves to walk and needs to be walked to burn off a lot of his puppy energy. You have to watch him otherwise he will become the alpha of the house, not you. He is fine in his foster home because he knows Mom is the alpha and she won’t let the little stinker dominate the house. Besides loving walks, he loves to sit on the couch with you, riding in the car, going and meeting new people. He is about 20lbs and 3 yrs old. He is very affectionate.

We are taking applications. Please email us at ohioeskierescue@outlook.com.






thor1THOR is 3 year old puppy mill survivor. His years of abuse and neglect left him timid around strangers and new people. He likes to hang back and observe to assess new people and situations. Once he is comfortable he is extremely sweet and loving. Thor is a well behaved, handsome, housebroken, smaller standard Eskie. Like most Eskies he is happiest in the company of his family. Thor is currently in a foster home with two other well socialized Eskies and gets along very well with them.  He likes to play with the young male who is close to his age.  He also gets along well with the family cat. Thor thrives in a home that is pretty peaceful and quiet. Thor likes to play and go for walks, but he also enjoys quiet time with his family. 

 He is being fostered in Columbus, Ohio. Please email us at ohioeskierescue@outlook.com for an application.



ariel02119-2ariel2ariel3Meet our little ARIEL!

ARIEL is 2 yrs old, 14lbs, likes to chew toys, enjoys trotting around the house, will make you wait till she decides to pee or poo in the yard, and does great with other dogs.She is crate and potty trained.

We took her from a rural shelter here in Ohio. She is doing fantastic considering she lived her life outside in a wooden box.

Ariel is fostered near Indianapolis, Indiana. Please email us at ohioeskierescue@outlook.com for an application.



jules1 jules2

Meet JULES, an energetic 2 year old black Pomeranian. She is only 4lbs. JULES was rescued from the puppy mills in central Ohio. She is a sweet little lady that gives the best kisses! If given the option of cuddling or playing with other dogs, she will pick playing with other dogs, her size or up to 10lbs. Because of her age and love of playing we want her to be adopted to a loving home that has a dog her size and closer to her age so she can have a playmate. She will cuddle and snooze next to you on the couch after she is done playing. While she can be a bit timid at first meeting, she warms up quickly when shown patience and kindness. Jules is working hard on her potty training and makes progress every day. She will require a fenced yard because she has not been trained on a leash as of yet. Jules is not a good match to families with small kids. She is fostered just north of Cincinnati Ohio.

Please email us at ohioeskierescue@outlook.com for an application.





michael01092119-33 michael2092119-33Meet our angel, MICHAEL! Michael is a standard male Eskie about 10 yrs old, and 40lbs.

We rescued Michael from a high kill shelter here in Ohio. He joined us back in December 2018 and he was in really rough shape. We are not sure, but who ever dumped him totally neglected our boy. He had tumors removed, all benign, a much needed dental ( only lost a few teeth) and a treatments for severe ear and skin infections. He has the best foster Mom and Dad that nursed him back to health. He lives with other dogs and enjoys trotting around the yard with them. One of his favorite things is hanging with the man of the house. He is a gentle giant. He is house trained, neutered, and fully vetted. He has some arthritis so not a lot of stairs for our guy. He is fostered near Cincinnati, OH.

Please email us at ohioeskierescue@outlook.com for an application.








This cutie patootie is looking for a forever home!

SKIPPY is a love bug with a sprinkle of attitude. LOL.  He wants to do things at his pace and needs someone who understands this and can give him an environment where he’s safe to take his time and warm up to people. He’s great with other dogs, cats and even rabbits! Hes the BIGGEST cuddler. He’s always looking for a lap.

We are taking applications. Please email us at ohioeskierescue@outlook.com. 




Application to adopt: please email us at ohioeskierescue@outlook.com or visit the Adoption Application page on our website.

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Applicants wanting to adopt one of our dogs will have to come to Ohio.  We do not transport or fly dogs to any location.  We want to meet the new family and see the interaction between the dog and human(s). If you have a dog it is required that the dog(s) come with the family so we can see the interaction between the dogs.

You will have to fill out an application to adopt one of our dogs. We require a vet reference and home visit.

We will not adopt out to owners that have an invisible fence. Invisible fencing does not protect the dog from outsiders, animals and other harm.

If you do not practice proper care of your past or current dogs you will be denied.  All dogs need an annual wellness exam with the Vet. State law requires all dogs be vaccinated for rabies and have a valid tag.

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